Thursday, 19 June 2008

"Why you people hate americans"?

Even though I've never accepted such a position, recently the e-mail with this question was addressed to me (dah...)

Well, there is my open reply:

One thing, i believe, could explain the "hate" spirits.
Americans... most of them believe that their country is truly democratic.

The definition of the "Democracy" reads:
Democracy is a system of government by which political sovereignty is retained by the people and either exercised directly by citizens or through their elected representatives.

If it is so, then as per definition of "Democracy" we can say, that all and every action of the democratically elected government is an action of the people ("demos" - /greek/ "people").

Hence, you can see why people of one country can blame entire american nation for all those sins, crimes and wars the US government did. Unfortunately, such a "democratic" idea in this case plays against US people.

In this case we have two scenarios:
1. Americans indeed support their government in all it's actions and in this case blindly trust to them. And in this case reinforced steel can be melted by kerosene.


2. There is no democracy in US. There is: "elected dictatorship" - the system means "one party can wield absolute power" without a clear majority of votes. (c) Lord Lester

Which one you believe is true?


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NantA said...

I do believe in first statement. However, the second one is also true. But it doesn't explain why should one hate Americans. They just believe in everything they see on TV without analysing it. So that's their problem, their choice, after all. May be, it's better to say that world actually hates American government but confuses people with those who rule them.